A VC’s Perspective on the Future of Healthcare

After nearly three decades of experience building healthcare technology companies, the tables turned for Todd Cozzens in 2010. Now a partner in the healthcare practice of Sequoia Capital, he sits on the boards of many of these leading-edge companies and is responsible for evaluating new prospects which he has conviction will end up on top. We recently sat down with Todd – a PerfectServe board member – to talk about what excites him about healthcare today and technology companies need to do to survive the tectonic shift taking place in the industry today. Continue reading


Making a list, checking it twice – “must-haves” for healthcare this holiday season

By Leigh Ann Myers

With dropping temperatures and a festive buzz in the air, the holidays are clearly upon us. We all have a holiday wish list – here are the things I’m wishing for health care this holiday season:

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What Providers Want: Clinical Communications Conversations in 2014

Don Dally_blog sizeRecently, we conducted a focus group discussion with over 15 physician leaders from healthcare providers from across the country to learn more about what they think the role of clinical communications will be in easing their workflow. The single, key theme that was gathered was that physicians are looking for solutions that are simple to use and efficient. While in 2013, clinical communications conversations focused on a single piece of the puzzle (secure text messaging), based on my conversation with these physicians, there are some additional topics that I perceive will dominate the discussion over the next year:

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Onward and upward – Predictions for 2014

By Terry Edwards

2014It’s hard to believe we are already closing out another year! With 2014 upon us, I took some time to reflect on what progress the healthcare industry made in 2013, and to contemplate what’s to come in the year ahead. This year, we saw increased investment in technologies to support gains in the efficiency and quality of patient care, and I really think that 2014 will be a year of continued evolution, especially in the following areas:

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The paradox of innovation – overcoming resistance to change

By Tom Hills

Tom Hills headshotI regularly cross paths with hospital executives looking to integrate the latest and greatest health IT tool or processes. By far their primary challenge in adopting new technology is dealing with resistance to change. Last month, I attended a bi-annual Health Management Academy meeting that addressed this common obstacle. The forum – which brought together CEOs, CMOs, COOs and CFOs from the largest health systems in the US – sparked me to think about a few things causing this barrier to adoption, and how we can overcome them:

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